New sight package for the Savage MKII rifle

The wait is over! Our complete biathlon sight package for the Savage MkII FV/FVT rifles is now in stock!

Combining a proven and precise Gehmann 590-B rear sight with our own mount provides a top of the line rear sight option that requires no gunsmithing for installation–just use our provided screws and the existing threaded holes in the Savage receiver.

In the front, we’ve designed a sight base with snow cover that securely and easily attaches to the barrel with set screws–again: no drilling or tapping required. Our front sight base works with the Williams globe sight that comes standard on the Savage MKII FVT rifles. Our sight kit will be available with or without the Williams sight, allowing for an economical upgrade for the FVT rifles, or a great new sight option for the MKII FV variant.

The Sight package is available here. Or if you don’t have a savage rifle yet, use our website to build your own complete rifle package based on a Savage rifle with our new sight package! *

*Note, complete rifle packages must be picked up in person or shipped to your local FFL.

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  1. These look great, what are the front sight mount and rear rail constructed of? I see many of these stocks in use and the sight sets will be a big hit.

  2. I am a new shooter. I am having difficulty sighting my rifle with this sight on it. What does “bei” mean and how does this relate to right and left adjustment. What does the T and G on the top knob mean a nd how does this relate to up and down adjustment. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. The knob on top of the rifle will move your point of impact up or down. Clockwise = down, counter clockwise = up. The Knob on the side of the rifle moves your point of impact right or left. clockwise = left, counterclockwise = right. Another way to remember this is “the right hand rule”: point your right thumb in the direction you need to move your shots, and your fingers will curl in the direction you need to turn the corresponding knob. Note that this is opposite of the L and R markings on the side knob of the sight… couldn’t tell you why, I guess they think about things differently in Germany!

      Each “click” of the sight knobs is ~0.2″ on the target at 50m. When initially sighting in your new rifle it’s not uncommon to take 10-20 ‘clicks’.

      1. The right hand rule still applies to this sight but this my help explain the German logic for this sight.

        If shooting left of center move the dial to the Left direction indicated. Same for shooting right of center, move the dial Right direction.

        For the elevation, H = himmel/sky and T=terre/earth. So shooting high turn in the H direction. If shooting low, turn towards the T direction.

  3. If i get into Biathlon and I want to up grade from the Savage barrel to the Fortner Anschuts barrel, is that possible with the same stock?

    1. The Rear sight and mount will work on the FV-SR. The front sight can work as well, but would either have to be mounted rearward of the threads on the barrel, (which would prevent the front sight cover from working), or it could be mounted over the threaded portion of the barrel.

  4. Can the the LNRD 20mm Rear Sight Riser/Spare Bullet holder Combo be installed on a Savage MKII via a barrel mounted picatinny rail and still work with the LNRD front sight and Gehmann 590-B rear sight? Or is the rear sight then too tall to work with the LNRD front sight? Thanks!

    1. the 20mm riser can mount onto our 11mm dovetail base for the savage. The LNRD front sight can be elevated to match.

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