Versatile Biathlon Stock

The VBS is not just a rifle stock but a biathlon stock system designed to adapt to an athlete and evolve with them. The VBS is built on a modular design that provides unparalleled adjustability as well as the ability to upgrade and interchange all of its components to best suit an individual. It’s not a custom stock, but a stock system that's designed to be customized.

VBS for beginners

The modular, interchangeable bedding system means the VBS not only works with high-end biathlon specific rifles, but it also can be paired with an inexpensive bolt action to create a race ready biathlon setup that will grow with you. When you’re ready to make the jump and buy an Anschutz, simply swap out components and your VBS will make the jump with you.

VBS for pros

Gone are the days of taking a Dremel tool and wood filler to your $1000 custom stock when you make a slight change to your shooting position. With the VBS, the stock itself is designed such that every point of contact with your body can be adjusted, interchanged or customized individually.

VBS for clubs

With a wide range of easy adjustment the VBS makes a perfect platform for a club- or team-owned rifle that will see multiple users. The VBS can quickly be adjusted on the range to fit the smallest children and largest adults. Numbered scales make it easy to return to each individual’s setting when a rifle is shared.

Features and Specs

Unparalleled Adjustability:

  • Length of pull adjustable from (10-16in)
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Cheek piece height, angle, position
  • Butt plate height, cant
  • Standing grip height, rotation
  • Prone grip position
  • Optional cam clamps allow for tool-less (or tool-free?) adjustments

Light Weight:

  • Base stock =  2.38lbs
  • Fully outfitted VBS with Anschutz 1827 sprint barreled action =  7.5-8.5lbs (depending on harness and barrel weight)


Unlike common rifle stocks that are largely one piece, the VBS is an assembly of interchangeable and replaceable parts. This makes for a system that's designed to be customized and changed to meet any athlete’s needs.  

If something breaks it's easily replaced.


Not only does the VBS design allow it to adapt and evolve with an athlete, but it allows each individual part of every VBS sold to be upgraded as we make improvements and the design itself evolves. 


How can such a versatile, adjustable, lightweight stock be so affordable? The answer lies in the innovative design and construction. We've put in the design work up front to make a versatile system that can be produced efficiently and then customized by you. No need to reinvent the wheel for every biathlete who needs a stock. Welcome to the affordable future of biathlon stocks!