Biathlon Sight Set for Marlin 2000


Gehmann Biathlon Rear Sight

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11mm Dovetail base for Marlin 2000

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LNRD Front Sight base for Savage MKII & Marlin 2000

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Williams Target Front Sight Globe

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Finally, a good sight upgrade for the venerable old “blue marlin” biathlon rifle!

Our biathlon race-ready sight package for the Marlin 2000 combines a proven and precise Gehmann 590-B rear sight with our own mount for a superior rear sight option with simple installation–just use the same screws and threaded holes on the side of your Marlin receiver. 

In the front, we’ve designed a sight base with snow cover that works with the Williams or Lyman globe sights that came standard on the old Marlin rifles, and raises them slightly the match the higher sight plane of the Gehmann or Anschutz, top mount rear sights. Our sight kit is available with or without the Williams sight, allowing for an economical upgrade if you already have the front sight. 

The Gehmann 590-B is a high performance rear diopter sight built specifically for biathlon. Featuring a spring loaded snow cover with a long, easy to use opening lever, Large over-sized adjustment knobs, and all aluminum construction, the 590-B is lighter weight and less expensive than its competition while maintaining extremely high quality. It is because of this that many of the top world cup biathletes from around the world are choosing these sights.


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