Laser cutter/engraver! Why would you want that? Is that like a lightsaber?

Well… almost.

Laser is an acronym: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  A laser is created when the electrons in a specific gas or crystal are stimulated by electrical current.  These electrons then emit photons of light of a uniform wavelength. This is the key difference between normal light and a laser.  Lasers were first made in 1960, and we all have seen or used them in CD/DVD players, barcode scanners, or played with laser pointers.

But, they can be used for more than just terrorizing a kitten.  A laser cutter generates a laser beam, and then uses it to burn through some materials!

As you can see above, a laser cutter can be used to slice up intricate designs into a variety of materials.  Depending on the power laser, someone could cut wood, paper, cardboard, or plastics.  You could also etch or engrave a wide variety of materials such as glass, fabrics, wood, aluminum, marble, and tile.

Have some cool idea for your laptop case? No problem!

Lost Nation R&D just got a laser cutter from Universal Laser Systems, and we could not be more excited!

So, other than the empirical fact that this is cool, why would we want one?  There are a number of projects with which we will be keeping this machine busy. But first, all our stocks need markings.

One of the huge selling points of our stock is the easy and quick adjustability for club athletes, but you have to know where to put our different settings.  We recommend a coach help fit each athlete the first time they use this stock system, but after that first time, all the athlete has to remember is their numbers.  The next practice, all they have to do is move the settings to their numbers, and the athlete can confidently know the rifle is fit to them.  This will streamline practices and revolutionize the way clubs share rifles from one training session to the next.


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