Grip Refining

We have spent a lot of time testing different methods of making grips for these rifles. On the left, you can see an early grip that had plastic molded around a core. On the right, an early test of a urethane grip.

Both of these options have some serious downsides, and are far from mass-producible.  We then tried making a model from clay, pouring a mold, and then molding a grip.

It was a fun attempt, but not quite the final product we had in mind.  So, this past week we started refining a interchangeable grip design, and experimenting with texturing.

The red grip has a rubberized coating, and the black grip was a test of a gritty texture.  Above, a prototype lefty grip is drying after hitting it with some primer.

We also started playing with a new standing grip design; mocking up the idea in basswood.

Making a nice model is all about the time put into sanding and finishing. Here we used a filling and sandable primer. Now we’re patiently waiting for bondo glazing and spot putty to cure before a final sand.  The bondo is wonderful for filling little imperfections.  It might not look like much now, but after ample, mind-numbing hand sanding, it’ll look and feel great.

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